Four Days of Torment

Four Days of Torment

Written by Uthur


This work contains graphic descriptions of sex, violence, rape and torture. It is not intended for reading or downloading by anyone under the age of 18. If these subjects offend you, do not read on.

All portions of this story are fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This work is copyrighted 1996 by Uthur and is intended for non commercial free distribution. No part of this work may be reprinted, modified or distributed for a fee.


This work is an attempt to produce a piece of fiction that has accurate descriptions of tortures used in the middle ages as interpreted by the author. It is based upon research into methods and techniques used during the period.

For those who want to do research on their own, the following publications are suggested by the author:

· The Book of Execution, by Geoffrey Abbott

· Rack, Rope and Red Hot Pincers: A History of Torture and Its Instruments, by Geoffrey Abbott

· The Inquisition-Hammer of Heresy, by Edward Burman

· Inquisition-Torture Instruments from the Middle Ages, by Robert Held

· Middle Ages Justice, by William Benniger

Four Days of Torment

The rebellion of Earl Henry Longworth and Lady Diane had failed and resulted in their capture. They had been brought before King William in the Great Hall of the castle where they awaited to hear their fate. For the crime of treason, beheading was the sentence for nobles. A relatively quick and painless death compared to the other methods of torture and execution that were used on the common populace.

There had always been bad blood between King William and Earl Longworth, but few in the Great Hall suspected how deep that hatred ran. Earl Henry and Lady Diane entered the hall with their heads held high, knowing full well the outcome of the proceedings, or so they thought.

With a deafening roar, King William spoke, 'So Longworth, your vile ways have come to an end. In many ways I shall miss you, but not for long.'

'Save your breath, rumbletramp, and get on. Your voice irritates my sensitive nature, ' replied Earl Henry.

'Silence!' cried King William. 'You may stride in here knowing your fate, but I shall see you crawl out begging for mercy,' he went on. As the King stood before the crowd, he announced to all, 'Earl Longworth and Lady Diane, co-conspirators against the realm, I do hereby seize your lands and revoke your titles which are forfeited to the crown. Since you no longer stand with your peers, I order that you be taken to the Magistrates who will decide your fate for the acts of treason that you have committed. Now be off and spare me your whining and pleas.'

The crowd and the prisoners stood in complete silence assessing the sentence. Now that they were reduced to commoners, the Magistrates could inflict any sentence of their pleasure on the rebel leaders.

Earl Longworth, his face red with anger began to charge the throne, but despite his massive size, he was quickly stopped by the guards, one of whom inflicted a painful cudgel blow to the former Earl's groin. Lady Diane was dumbfounded at the turn of events. She was mentally prepared for the headman's ax, but now visions of burning at the stake, or worse, danced through her head. Shivering in panic, she was lead out of the Great Hall as Henry was dragged out by the guards. In the background, only the laughter of King William could be heard among the crowd of spectators.

'Jasper!' cried the King as the High Executioner was summoned to the throne. As Jasper approached the throne, the crowd diverted their eyes, partially in fear and partially in respect for the man. Kneeling at the throne of the King, he listened intently as the King spoke, 'Jasper, you are about to use all of your talents to serve me. Do your craft and justice well or be prepared to take the place of these rebels upon the platform. Make them pay for their wicked deeds and hold back nothing. And above all, do not grace them with the benefit of the retentum to escape their fate.'

Jasper only replied, 'As you will, Majesty.'

In the first level of the dungeon, Henry and Diane were ushered before three robed Magistrates, who sat behind an elevated table illuminated with candles. It was no secret that the Magistrates were the puppets of the King and always seeking the favor of the throne, they were eagerly awaiting to issue their form of justice. The magistrate in the middle of the group spoke, 'Henry and Diane Longworth, you have been found guilty of treason.'

'By what trial are we found so?' shouted Henry.

'Silence the prisoners!' shouted the magistrate.

Three guards quickly forced Henry to his knees and the center of a piece of wood about 2 inches in diameter was forced into his mouth. The ends of this branch were secured behind his head with stout cord, making an effective and obviously painful gag. Diane turned pale as two guards approached her with a brank and she pleaded for mercy before the magistrate waived the guards off. 'Henry and Diane Longworth,' the magistrate continued, 'You have been found guilty as commoners of high treason against the realm. It is the verdict of this court that on the day before the next Sabbath, you both shall be taken to the executioners platform in the Yard of Tears whereupon you shall be put to death by the following means, without chance of mercy or care of the Church. Henry Longworth, you shall have your privy parts seized by the crushers which shall be used to full measure. Your manhood shall then be seared from your body with tongs.' Trying to look brave, but appearing to tremble at the words, Henry listened on, 'You shall then be broken and braided to a wheel where your body shall remain until your bones fall to the earth and are carried away by dogs.'

Listening to her husbands fate, Diane let out a little cry as she awaited her sentence. 'Diane Longworth,' spoke the magistrate, 'For supporting your husband and his evil deeds, you shall have your privy parts subjected to the full treatment of the pear. You shall then have your womanly parts nipped with the rippers before being broken and braided on a wheel where your body shall remain until your bones fall to the earth and are carried away by dogs.' Hearing the words, Diane collapsed on the floor and began to sob out loud knowing the horror of her fate.

The magistrate stood as he said, 'Before your executions, you shall both be put to the question for all that you can stand, and more, so we may learn the names of you accomplices who as of yet have escaped the justice of this court. Jasper! Take these wretches out this hallowed hall and carry out the sentence!'

With those final words, the guards took Henry and Diane to a dark cell, about 10 by 8 in the second level of the dungeon. A pile of filthy straw littered one corner of the cell and clay pot, running over with excrement sat near the door. The only illumination was a nubbin of a candle perched on a rock outcrop on the wall. When the wood and iron door creaked shut, Henry removed the gag which forced his jaws apart. Diane sank at her husbands feet in the cold, dimly lit cell and began to sob out loud.

Meanwhile in the dungeon above them, Jasper read the executioners writ and made preparations for their demise on Saturday. He knew it would be a well attended event and while he was loath to inflict such cruel punishment upon the two prisoners, he feared for the safety of his family and himself if he didn't comply with the orders. With his assistants, Jasper outlined the regimen for the next few days.

The candle in the cell quickly burned out leaving Henry and Diane in darkness. Henry tried to soothe Diane explaining that his allies would rally and free them in short order. However, Henry did not know that the cries of pain and anguish from the dungeon below were his supporters being roasted and flayed alive. In the darkness, time seemed to stand still for Henry and Diane. Diane trembled every time she heard footsteps in the hall, thinking that they were coming for her.

Later that evening, a small hatch in the door opened and half of loaf of moldy course barley bread was tossed on the floor. Along with the bread, a small clay pot of water was set inside. The water was scooped from a trough in the dungeon and was smelly and vile. While searching the cell for more nourishment, Henry knocked over the crude chamber pot spilling its contents all over the floor. The filth soon soaked the straw and left the former Earl and Lady wallowing in shit and urine.

The preparations made by Jasper were in place. The first phase was begun about 12:00 noon, when the guards went the cell of Henry and Diane carrying torches for illumination. Upon opening the heavy wooden door, they found the two huddled together reeking of the filth of the overturned chamber pot. Three guards quickly seized Henry and dragged him off before he could gather his bearings in the comparatively bright light of the torches. Diane was also seized and taken in an opposite direction from her husband. She tried to cry out, but was silenced by a hand placed over her mouth by one of the guardsmen.

Henry found himself in a torch lit room on the first level of the dungeon surrounded by at least 8 burly guards. Also present were Jasper and man that Henry recognized as the town barber. Henry was a well built and stock man who at the ripe old age of 30 had gained wealth and fame throughout the land. He stood almost 5 7 and was as handsome as they come. But he was now reduced to a smelly ratter of a man as he stood before his captives. Jasper looked at his captive and said only, 'Strip.'

As Henry raised his fist in rebellion, one of the guards slipped the rope eye snake over his head. This device consisted of a simple piece of course rope with two knots spaces a few inches apart. It was placed over the head of the victim until the knots were arranged to press against the eyeballs of the unfortunate subject. A wooden windlass at the back of the head allowed the attendant to twist the rope to constrict the device and put horrendous painful pressure on the eyeballs of the unfortunate soul. A couple of twists of the wooden stick had Henry groaning in agony and compliant with the wishes of Jasper and the other guards.

They quickly stripped Henry of his filthy clothing and doused him with several buckets of water. Naked to his masters, he stopped struggling as the barber began to roughly cut off his hair and beard with a shears. Once the shears could remove no more, the barber began to scrape the remaining hair off with a dull blade using only a bowl of water. As the barber began to shave his face, Henry made an attempt to fight off his warders, but this only resulted in a deep gash to his cheek before he was subdued by an additional two turns on the eye snake which caused him to cry out in great distress. So incensed was Jasper with this outbreak that he took a set of pliers and pulled the skin and beard away from part of Henry's cheek, flaying a 3 inch area of his face. With the wound bleeding, Jasper placed a searing iron to the area, which caused Henry to shriek in pain. Knowing that all his efforts were useless, Henry let his warders have their way with him.

Henry was tossed onto a table where his legs were tied apart exposing his manhood. His balls were still sore and slightly swollen from the cudgel blow they sustained the day before. His cock was amazing large, even in its flaccid state. Henry only groaned as the barber roughly scraped the hair from his pubic region and remarkably only cut his scrotum twice in the process. Henry now stood looking like a bald weakened little man in front of his tormentors. With his manly locks on the floor and his face wounded, Henry was humiliated to a point where he felt completely subservient and compliant. He would no longer rebel in the face of authority.

Jasper complimented the barber on his work and when the barber asked about settling his bill, Jasper only smiled and nodded at the other guards. The guards knew this part well and quickly reversed Henry's bonds so that he was bent over the table with his arms tied forward and his legs forced wide apart. As Jasper left the cell, he heard the cries and curses of Henry as the barber raped his ass without the benefit of any form of lubrication.

Diane was lead down a dank hall to small cell where she was greeted by elderly woman.

'Come in my child,' said the woman as he guards pushed Diane through the door. 'Be off with you now!' scolded the woman to the guards as she took Diane by the hand.

As the door clanked shut, Diane trembled and asked the woman, 'Who are you?'

The old woman answered, 'I am Dame Ipgrieve, mother of Jasper.'

Diane shivered hearing the words and meekly asked, 'What is to become of me?'

Dame Ipgrieve replied, 'I will prepare you for what awaits you. Now, remove your clothing so I can begin.'

Diane cried out in a plaintive voice, 'I will not!' only to be rebuked by Dame Ipgrieve who said, 'What will be, will be. Nothing you do or say can save you now. Either I can prepare you or I can call in the guards who would relish the idea. Now which do you prefer?' Hearing those words, Diane slowly began to remove her urine and excrement stained clothing until she stood naked before Dame Ipgrieve.

Diane was a beautiful woman who had just turned 22. She had perfect skin and her large well proportioned breasts were the envy of the guards looking through the peephole of the door. Dame Ipgrieve then motioned for Diane to sit on a rough stool. Once seated Dame Ipgrieve began to cut Diane's blond hair from her head. Diane could only cry and sob out loud as her hair fell to the floor and on her lap. Dame Ipgrieve then rubbed her head with oil before shaving her scalp clean. It was obvious by her skill that the old woman had attended to countless others before Diane.

Then Dame Ipgrieve told Diane, 'Now up onto the table and spread your legs. It is time to clean your cunnie.' Diane was shocked at the directions and cried, 'Have mercpy on me and don't shame me this way.' But the old woman replied, 'It is either the oil and blade or pliers and pincers. Which do you prefer?'

Knowing that the old woman was right, Diane got up on the table and exposed herself.

As the old woman rubbed oil onto Diane's pubic hair she noticed the tightness of her womanhood and knew that Diane was childless. She also sensed that Diane was becoming aroused as her fingers worked the oil into her slit. Then taking the blade, the old woman shaved her clean. With her cunt now bare, the old woman took some more oil and applied to the freshly shaven skin. Dame Ipgrieve then spoke, 'While I cannot save you from your fate, I can give you one last breath of pleasure.' With those words, the old woman's fingers thrust up into Diane's cunt as her other hand massaged her clit. Diane soon bucked in a powerful orgasm as the guards looked on in awe.

It was now late in the day and Henry now shaven bald was ready for the next phase of his ordeal. But Jasper was tired and would wait until the next day to administer the question. In the meantime, Jasper did not want Henry to see Diane before their torments were to begin. With an evil smile, he ordered that Henry would spend the night on the Stang.

The guards dragged Henry to a small, dimly lit room on the second level of the dungeon. There in the middle of the room stood the stang. The device was quite simple, yet it was elegantly designed. It had a carved horse head attached to one end of the blood soaked beam. The device stood about 5 feet off the floor to allow the subjects legs to hand free with weights attached. The beam was only about one inch wide at the top which was sure to cause grievous pain over a long period of time.

The guards tied Henry's hands behind his back and lifted him up over the device letting him drop onto the beam. As Henry fell, his balls were crushed by his body crashing down onto the beam. So great was the pain that Henry could only groan and fell slightly forward in agony. To keep him upright on the horse and prevent him from falling off, weights were attached to his legs. A bag of sand weighing about 30 pounds was tied to each leg. The pressure on Henry's tailbone and the space between his balls and ass was quickly becoming unbearable, and tears began to form in Henry's eyes. The constant pain made him groan in agony. Before the guards left, one took his cudgel and struck the beam causing Henry to scream in pain as the shock reverberated through his balls and spine.

Jasper found a crowd of guards surrounding the room that housed Diane. This infuriated the High Executioner as there was other work to be done. He screamed at the lot and ordered that the two guards leering at Diane through the small portal in the door to be given 30 lashes with the cat. The two men sentenced to the cat began to stammer an apology, but Jasper stood fast in his decision and ordered that they be flogged immediately. Realizing the futility of the situation, the group shuffled off leaving two men to guard Diane. Jasper opened the door to the cell where Diane was being prepared. Diane cried in shame as Jasper entered the room and greeted his mother. Even with her head shaven, Diane was a beautiful woman and Jasper was obviously delighted at the prospect of dealing with her tomorrow. As Jasper left the room, he barked to the guards that she was to be taken to the Little Ease for the night. Diane let out a cry and tried to hang onto Dame Ipgrieve, but the Dame only pushed her away telling her that nothing could save her from her destiny. Dame Ipgrieve helped Diane put on rough sack dress than hung limply from her shoulders. The guards then each took Diane's arms and lead her down the hallway to the end cell. The one guard had to fight the rusty hinges of the solid metal door as he forced it open to reveal the Little Ease. The Little Ease cell was less than four feet tall and about 18 inches wide. Diane began to plead with her jailers, but the guards forced her into the cell. To fit, her head was bent over and almost rested on her ample chest. Her knees were bent and her arms were placed straight against her sides. As the door shut, Diane was pushed tightly against the back of the cell. The darkness and the horrible position she was left in soon took its toll. Every muscle in her body began to ache and the air in the small space soon became foul and she found it difficult to breathe. Minutes seemed like hours in this simple but effective torment.

As the clock struck two, the guards returned to check on Henry. They found him leaning forward on the beam softly groaning in agony. The tender skin between his balls and ass had been scraped raw by his movement on the beam and a trickle of fresh blood came from his crotch. His balls had swollen from the abuse and were now twice their normal size. Henry's scrotum was a deep purple color as the bruising was clearly apparent. As the guards approached the Stang, one of them struck the device with his cudgel. Henry rose up in pain and shrieked in torment. In reaction, he began to curse his jailers and then he spit at one of them.

The guards only laughed and Henry realized the stupidity of his actions as they brought over two more sacks to add to his legs. He began to plead, but another 20 pounds was attached to each leg causing him to cry out as more pressure was placed on his already damaged private parts.

When the guard began walking down the corridor to Diane's cell, he could hear her crying and moaning in pain. As she heard his footsteps, she began to plead for mercy and for someone to open her cell and release her. The guard opened a small viewing port and Diane began to beg telling him that she would do anything if she would be released. The guard then opened the door and grabbed at her ample breast and inquired if she really meant anything. Diane only sobbed and replied that he do with her as he pleased if only he would let her out.

The guard pulled Diane from the Little Ease and braced her against the wall. Diane cried in torment as her release had added to her pain as blood began to circulate again to the nerves throughout her body. Picking her up, the guard carried her down the hall as she sobbed full well knowing what was in store for her. The guard carried her into a small guard post where three other jailers stood watch. As he entered the room, he called out to the others,

'Look at the fine pleasure wench I have for you! She may have been shaven clean, but her slit is still tight and ripe for the skewer!' Hearing those words, Diane let out a little cry and shivered, but even rape was better than another minute bent up in the little ease.

The other guards quickly cleared a table and Diane was laid on her back on top of it. She tried to cover herself, but the hands of the many guards quickly held her arms back exposing her. She began to cry as the first guard removed his trousers revealing a huge cock standing at attention. As he approached her, Diane begged for time to ready herself, but to no avail. The guard placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt and with one mighty thrust entered her until his balls came to rest on her ass. Diane felt as if she was being ripped apart and let out a scream as her hips rose up on the table trying to evade his cock. His thrusts into her dry cunt caused her to scream in continual agony, but mercifully he quickly came shooting his load into her.

As he pulled out, another took his place. At least this time the cum filling her cunt offered some lubrication. One by one the guards took their pleasure with her. The last guard was particularly brutal and squeezed her tits so hard as to bruise them. When all had spent their energy, Diane was left to recover in the corner where she sobbed and rocked back and forth like a little child. It was not almost 5:00 a.m. and the sun was coming up. The guard barracks was a flurry of activity as the two guards who were to be flogged were readied. As the guard unit was assembled in the yard, the two men were escorted to the whipping post. As the first man stepped forward, his arms were tied with course rope and hoisted above his head. His legs were secured to the base of the post with a thick leather strap and the Chief Warder stepped forward. He ripped the shirt from the mans back and took the cat, which had been sitting overnight in salt water in his right hand. Then swinging with all his might, the first blow fell on the mans back.

The poor man seemed to leap almost out of his bonds as the cat fell on his naked back. A gasp could be heard from his lips as a series of red stripes appeared over his shoulders. The call of 'ONE!' echoed throughout the yard. By the third blow, the guard was sobbing and trembling. With the eighth blow, he was begging for mercy and moaning loudly with each stroke. As the sixteenth blow fell on his bloodied back, he sank in his bonds and was fully supported by the rope around his wrists. When the last blow fell, he was muttering incoherently as tears ran from his swollen eyes. The Chief Warder took a towel and dipped it in a bucket of salt water and applied it to the guards back. The guard shrieked in agony as his body stiffened and then sank in his bonds as he fainted.

As the first guard was cut down and laid on the ground, the second guard began to struggle. But he was quickly overcome by his fellow mates who secured him in place. As the first cut landed on his back, he cried out and convulsed in pain. Every blow on this mans back caused him to shriek and howl in agony as he twisted and turned in futile attempts to miss the strokes. With the 18th stroke, he slumped in his bonds as the pain caused him to faint. The Warder took a cup of vinegar wine and forced it down the mans throat causing him to cough and choke as he regained his senses. The next blow caused him to let out a groan that was almost like an animal. With the last stroke, he fainted again as he lost control of his bladder. The two men were carried back to the barracks where they were laid face down in their bunks with wet towels placed over their wounds.

When Jasper arrived with the morning light, he went directly to Henry's cell. There he found his victim bent forward moaning softly. Jasper struck the Stang which caused Henry to cry out in agony. Jasper only smiled as he cut the weights from his legs and let him fall to the ground. The space between his legs was bloody and scraped raw. Henry's scrotum was dark purple and his balls had swollen to the size of hen's eggs. There he laid quivering in agony as Jasper left the room to check on Diane.

The guards realizing that it was late, carried Diane back to the Little Ease. As the door swung open, Diane pleaded with the guards reminding them of their bargain, but the guards forced her back into the hole and locked the door shut. She was only in the cell for half and hour before Jasper opened the door. But in this short of time she was in agony again and pleading for relief. Jasper had her chained to the wall as she was served a thin gruel and given some water from the trough.

About noon Jasper had Henry and Diane brought to the hall of torment. Seeing each other bald and abused, they cried and called encouragement toeach other, trying to act brave to keep the other's spirits high.

Diane was chained to a pillar as Jasper focused his attention Henry. When Jaspers first question was answered with Henry's curses, he had the former Earl placed on a bench with his arms tied and secured behind him. When Jasper motioned, his assistant brought out a pair of Brodequins and placed them around Henry's legs. Again Jasper asked for the names of Henry's accomplices, only to have Henry respond with curses of the most foul sort.

Jasper took the first wedge and placed in the horrible device near mid-calf. Picking up a wooden mallet, he tapped the wedge to tease Henry who stiffened with each motion. Then Jasper swung the mallet with force driving the wedge half-way into place. Henry cried out like a wounded animal as his leg was compressed. Diane cried out, 'I am with you my love!' before one of Jasper's assistants struck her face so hard as to almost knock her senseless. Jasper then swung the mallet for the second time driving the wedge is full length. Henry's body convulsed as he screamed in shear torment and his eyes bulged out of their sockets. As the sixth wedge was being driven, Henry fainted. Attempts to revive him with wine vinegar failed and he laid on the ground pending his recovery.

Jasper then approached Diane who cringed with his approach. Her sack dress was ripped from her body as her bonds were released. Seeing the dribbles of white cum dripping from her cunt, Jasper flew into a rage swearing that he would break anyone who usurped his power and rights to be the sole tormentor and user of the prisoner.

Diane was dragged over to the rack where she was placed on the wooden device in a sitting position. Her legs were fastened in the stocks at the end of the device and her arms were tied behind her back and connected to the windlass. Again Jasper asked the questions, but poor Diane knew little of the politics of her husband. With a wave of the hand, Jasper had the windlass pulled a full six notches. Diane's arms were now pulled backwards putting pressure on her shoulders. She began to cry and her breasts jiggled with her sobs. Again the questions were asked and Diane pleaded for mercy. Jasper raised two fingers and the assistants moved the heavy levers to rotate the windlass two more notches. Diane cried in agony as her shoulders were strained.

When Jasper raised one finger and another notch was turned, Diane's complexion changed. Her face turned white as the veins in her neck stood out. Her eyes, red and swollen from crying, appeared to start from her head. Only a low moan came from her lips as Jasper fondled her breasts which were thrust out as her arms were pulled backward.

After five minutes, Jasper raised another finger and the assistants strained to move the windlass another notch. Now Diane screamed in agony as her whole body convulsed. Then a loud pop resounded throughout the chamber and Diane howled as her left arm separated from the shoulder joint. This forced her body to rotate to the left twisting her in a most unnatural position. Again Jasper asked his questions, but to no avail. The next notch caused her right shoulder to separate and pee dribbled to the floor as the pain caused her to faint.

The surgeon was called to the chamber and advised Jasper that neither victim could sustain more torment that day without the risk of death. Jasper satisfied with his effort had Diane released from the rack. Two guards roughly pulled on her arms to crudely reset her arms into their joints.

As the Brodequins were release from her unconscious husband, it became apparent that his legs had been broken by the ordeal. Both were dragged back to a common cell where they were placed naked with a pitcher of foul water. Jasper declared that the question had been suspended to be continued on Friday.

After Jasper had left the area, the guards were up to their devious tricks. Still unconscious, Henry was chained to the wall with a punishment belt and left propped up against the stones. The belt with its vicious spikes was loose enough so as not to penetrate his flesh, but any movement or an attempt to lay down would drive the spikes into his middle. For Diane, a pair of stocks held her legs about 18 inches off the floor which put most of her weight onto her tailbone.

Several hours past when Diane began to wake up and become aware of her surroundings. Even before she opened her eyes she became aware of the moans of her husband on the other side of the room. As her level of awareness increased, so the did the level of pain she felt. Her shoulders were giving her agony as a constant dull pain throbbed away. Her breasts were terribly sore due to the strain that was placed on her chest muscles while on the rack. But most of all Diane was aware of the pain in her butt as her weight was resting on her tailbone on the rough stone floor. She couldn't see her husband over the stocks, but his moans caused to call out to him in fear. In a low agonized voice he replied to her, which gave her some comfort.

Diane was extremely thirsty and quickly located the water jug near her. Even though the water looked and smelled foul, her thirst was overpowering at this point. But she found that she had no strength in her arms and any movement of her shoulders caused her severe distress. But she tried to satisfy her thrust by picking up the jug only to have it fall out of her hands and break. As the water flowed over the floor, she cried out in anguish. Then reducing herself to the level of an animal, she put her head back and turned it to lap the water off the floor with her tongue.

Across the room, her husband was semi-conscious. He was still in the position the guards left him in as any movement caused him horrible torment. He too was thirsty and had managed to drink over half of the water left by his side. Henry's left lower leg was bent off to the side at about a 30 degree angle with both bones badly broken. His right leg was straight, but it too was broken in several places. In agony he drifted off to sleep hearing the lapping sounds of his wife in the distance as he sat in a pool of his own urine.

On Friday morning when the guards entered the room, they found both prisoners laying in their own excrement and filth. Diane had soiled her area because she couldn't move out of the stocks while Henry found any movement too painful to contemplate. They took several buckets of water and poured them over their hapless victims to flush the filth away.

Jasper entered the cell and implored both of them to give him the names of their accomplices, but both prisoners remained silent. Jasper then told the guards to bring Henry and left the room. The guards had trouble opening the lock on Henry's spiked belt and this caused the device to dig deeply into Henry's flesh. He only grimaced in reaction suffering far more from his broken bones. Once the belt was removed two guards grabbed him by his shoulders and began to lift him upward. Henry cried out, 'No...NO... Ahhhhggggg!' as his broken legs were dragged on the stone floor. So violent were his spasms that the guards almost dropped him. Diane let out a wail of remorse as she saw her husband dragged out of the room screaming in agony.

Henry was dragged down the corridor to another cell where a low wooden bed sat with a pair of stocks at the end. He was laid face up on the bed and his legs were placed into the stocks. The movement in his broken limbs caused him to nearly faint as he lost control of his bladder spraying piss over himself and one of the guards who then struck him soundly with his fist.

Jasper grabbed Henry by his ears and again asked him a series of questions, but Henry remained silent. The Jasper motioned to one of his assistants who began to start a fire in brazier. The fiery pan was placed next to Henry'so he could see the flames and feel the heat as the coals grew hotter.

Henry'shuttered knowing that the fire would be the worse that what he had endured so far. Henry began to bang his head against the wooden bed in an attempt to kill himself, but Jasper but a bag of straw under him which cushioned the blows to the point where they did little damage.

After about 30 minutes when the coals were glowing hot, the brazier was moved down to within 18 inches of his feet which hung out from the stocks. With his broken legs, Henry could do little to avoid the heat, which at this point was still bearable. One of the guards brought out a swab and bucket of fat and coated Henry's feet as if he was basting a bird for roasting. Slowly, inch by inch, the brazier was moved closer to Henry's feet. The torment soon became severe as the soles of his feet were baked in flame and fat. Tears flowed from Henry's eyes and his head rolled from side to side in agony.

Jasper was careful not to be too quick about moving the brazier and was careful to see that his feet were slowly roasted. As the brazier was moved to within 6 inches Henry's feet, the burning pain became too much for him and with all his might he used his arms to push his body upwards towards the head of the bed. This put horrible pressure on his broken legs and caused him to cry and scream in horrible agony, but anything was better than the fire. When Jasper moved the brazier directly next to Henry's feet, the poor prisoner screamed and thrashed about before letting out a final howl while he dropped into unconsciousness and his bowels let loose filling the room with a horrible stench.

Jasper removed the brazier from Henry's feet and moved it next to his side before he left for lunch. As he walked down the corridor into the light of the court yard, he instructed the surgeon to revive Henry'so that his questioning could continue.

In two hours time, Jasper returned to find Henry awake and groaning like a wounded animal. Jasper inspected the prisoners feet which he found to be covered with massive blisters. This pleased Jasper who knew that second degree burns were far more painful than the more severe third degree type which charred the flesh but destroyed the nerve endings. Again Jasper asked questions of Henry, but only received groans of agony in reply. Jasper then turned Henry's face toward the brazier so he could watch two irons heat up in the coals.

Within minutes the irons were ready and one final time Jasper implored Henry to give him some names, but Henry'still remained silent. One of Jaspers assistants came forward with a pliers and instructed Henry to stick out his tongue. Henry turned his head to the side and clenched his teeth, but a blow to his testicles caused him to cry out in pain. In a flash, the assistant pulled Henry's tongue from his mouth, almost ripping it from his head. The Jasper took the hot iron and placed in on his tongue. Henry screamed in pain and almost bit his own tongue off in agony. In seconds his tongue began to swell and soon all that came from Henry's mouth were gurgles and unintelligible moans.

Jasper motioned to his assistants who held Henry's head so that his face was pointed directly towards the ceiling. From the side of his eye, Henry could see Jasper pick up the other rod and move it towards his face. Jasper then called out the, 'The right one,' and the assistant with the pliers grabbed Henry's right eyelid and pulled it open. Henry tried to struggle, but Jasper showing all the skill of his trade slowly moved the glowing iron towards Henry's right eyeball where it sizzled as it made contact. Even with his burnt tongue swollen up in his mouth, Henry's scream of pain and torment echoed through the cell. The assistants were unable to hold his head as Henry convulsed, but by then the damage had been done. With a final spasm of agony, the former Earl fainted deeply again.

When the attempts to revive Henry failed, he was dragged back to his previous cell and chained to the wall. Now all the attention was directed towards the lovely Diane who cowered in fear. Diane began to sob as she was unfettered and picked up by the guards. A grimace covered her face as the guards tugged on her sore arms and lead her down the corridor. Diane was ushered into a moderately sized cell on the second level of the dungeon. The room smelled of vomit and excrement and was lit by oil torches which spewed foul smoke into the air.

In the middle of the room was a ladder suspended at the ends by two large barrels. A trough was under the ladder and was filled with foul water and human waste. Diane was roughly picked up and tied to the ladder with her hands at her sides. Ropes passed over her arms and breasts, over each thigh, and again at each ankle. Her head was placed in a box which kept it from moving side to side and prevented her from seeing any movement in the room. A wide leather strap covered her forehead and was tightly drawn.

Jasper approached and again began to question her, but to no avail. He motioned to one of his assistants who approached Diane with two bulbous wooden pegs which were forced up each nostril so that she was forced to breathe through her mouth. Another assistant approached with a large funnel which he attempted to put in her mouth, but Diane resisted. Jasper reached down between her legs and pinched and twisted her clit which caused her scream in pain. As she wailed in torment, the assistant put the funnel into her mouth as Diane began to cry. Jasper warned her to take a deep breath as the first jug of water was poured into the funnel. Poor Diane was left no option. If she didn't drink the foul water, she would drown. She gulped and gulped as the water was poured into the funnel and pitcher, which held about a quart, was emptied. Finally, the funnel was emptied and Diane choked and coughed as her throat burned and she gasped for air.

After about ten minutes, Jasper again began to question Diane, who began to cry and plead for mercy. As the next jug of water was brought forth, she strained as best she could at her bonds and clenched her mouth shut resisting the funnel. Jasper again pinched her clit and Diane groaned keeping her mouth shut until the executioner twisted her sensitive part which caused her to wail in agony. This time, the water was poured immediately before poor Diane could catch her breath. Her eyes grew wide as she gagged and tried to down the water. Her face began to turn blue as the pitcher emptied into the funnel and at last she was able to gasp for air between coughs and convulsions.

During her period of recovery, a soft hand touched her face. It was Dame Ipgrieve who whispered not to resist as it would only cause her more pain and anguish. When the next pitcher of water came into sight, Diane meekly opened her mouth and let the funnel in. She took a deep breath of air and gulped the water down with remarkable ease. By now she had drunk about three quarts of water and her stomach was becoming painfully full. She felt like she would vomit, but knew that with her nose blocked off she wouldn't be able to bring up anything.

As the fourth pitcher of water was readied, Diane began to plead for mercy, but Jasper told her that none would be forthcoming unless she told him the names of her accomplices. Diane didn't resist the fourth jug, but taking it became horribly hard as stomach bloated. She had to force the water down or risk drowning. As her stomach filled and bloated, her breathing became labored as pressure was excerpted on her diaphragm.

The appearance of the fifth pitcher caused her to wail and she wasn't able to prepare as she had for the last two. It seemed that the water was endless as she gulped in pain with her bloating stomach and aching throat. At last it was finished and in a coughing and gagging fit she let loose a long powerful stream of piss which flowed down between her legs and dripped into the trough from her ass.

The sixth, seventh and eighth pitchers caused her utter agony. By now she looked pregnant and her breathing was reduced to little half breaths. She pissed almost constantly and her face turned blue as she attempted to get the water down her tormented throat.

Then Jasper made one last attempt to question her as he warned her that more severe methods were to come. Diane could only moan in agony and for the first time pleaded to be killed. Jasper took a piece of linen about 2 inches wide and perhaps five feet long and tied a knot at the end of the cloth. He placed the knot in the funnel and pulled about six inches of fabric from the end. Diane began to resist again as the funnel and cloth was placed into her mouth, but a pinch of the pliers on her tit caused her to cry out and the contraption was inserted into her mouth and throat.

The ninth pitcher of water was poured into the funnel and as Diane gulped the water down, she also swallowed the fabric which was fed into the funnel as is was dragged by the water down her gullet. Diane's body convulsed and her eyes grew wide while the veins on her neck stuck out so far they looked as if they would burst. When the flow of water ended, Diane's new torment had just begun. She gagged and coughed and choked for air with almost 4.5 feet of fabric down her throat and into her bloated stomach. In minutes her face turned blue as she couldn't get enough air. Her body convulsed and strained at the bonds, but to no avail. Just as she began to fade, Jasper took the end of the cloth and pulled it slowly out of her throat.

Diane's eyes grew wide and started from her head as it felt like her innards were drawn up and out of her body. The cloth was bloodstained as it exited her mouth and at last the knot popped out of her throat and she gagged and coughed, but got air for the first time in minutes. The helpless wretch was left nearly unconscious as the surgeon examined her and pronounced that continuation would result in her death.

The girl with a belly so bloated that she appeared 8 months pregnant was untied and dragged back to the cell with her husband, who was now semi-conscious and moaning in his bonds. Even the tugging on her arms and shoulders wasn't as nearly as painful as her belly and the horrible pain from her back and kidney area. Diane was chained to the wall by her arms and left in the dark. Finally after many minutes of trying to blow the pegs from her nostril she was successful at expelling one. Now able to breath through her nose, her stomach erupted and a projectile stream of vomit spewed from her mouth. For the next three hours she vomited and urinated in place before passing out in exhaustion.

Henry and Diane were awoken with a bang of the cell door and arrival of six guards who stormed into the cell. Two buckets of water were rudely thrown into the faces of the prisoners and all the activity dulled with the blearyness of sleep and the pain in their bodies which left the two confused and dazed. The guards removed Henry's shackles and held a funnel down his throat. The movement of Henry's broken legs caused him severe anguish and he did not resist as very strong coffee mixed with herbs was poured down his throat. After swallowing over a pint of the bitter liquid, he was tossed to the cell floor coughing and gagging. As the guards approached Diane, she cried out,

'Please...' when Jasper spoke up and said, 'Let her drink.' The guard handed her the pitcher of liquid and Diane drank it over a period of several minutes. While the liquid first made them nauseous, it soon made them nervous and agitated but wide awake. The brew was a strong stimulant designed to keep them from fainting on the execution platform and it was already doing its job. Henry just groaned as the guards approached him and placed a sack cloth garment over his head and began to drag him out by his shoulders. He cried out in pain and Jasper admonished the guards to be careful with their prisoner.

With those instructions, two more guards assisted by carrying Henry's legs as they hauled him down the corridor and out into the morning sun shining on the prison yard. A wooden hurdle was waiting there and Henry was placed on the wet straw that lined the back of the cart. He groaned in agony as one of the guards pulled him towards the front of the cart and secured him in place.

Two guards took Diane by her shoulders, which were stiff and causing her great pain when Dame Ipgrieve ordered them to stand back. Jasper looking agitated approached his mother, but with a stern look and a wave of her hand, he backed off.

'Come,' was all she said as she led the crying Diane from the cell and out into the corridor. Dame Ipgrieve led Diane into a cell and pointed to a small table over at the far end of the stone wall. When she arrived at the table, Dame Ipgrieve said, 'Bend over child.' Out of fear, Diane bent over a bit and felt Dame Ipgrieve's hand on her back pushing her over so that she was bent 90 degrees at the waist. Diane watched in fear as the old woman took a small cup of lard from the table and went behind her. Then Diane felt the woman's hand spreading her ass cheeks apart. As two of Dame Ipgrieve's lubricated fingers entered Diane's ass, she let out a cry and began to squirm, but the old woman slapped her ass and told her to stand still. The old woman went on to say that this would help her on the platform, and that she should be thankful for her ministrations. Then the old woman took three of her fingers and scooped up a big glob of lard and forced it up Diane's cunt. Diane cried at the painful intrusion, but tried to remain still. Finally, the old woman wiped the excess lard from her private parts so that her efforts were not visible. Helping Diane on with her sack cloth dress, Dame Ipgrieve called for the guards who took her out into the prison yard.

The guards knew they were running late, and one burly man picked Diane up and threw her into the cart. Diane was caught off balance and fell landing on her husbands broken legs which caused him to wail in agony. The cart lurched forward and every bump on the cobblestones caused Henry extreme anguish as his poor wife tried to console him. Along the streets a crowd had gathered and called out insults to the prisoners and hurled dead rats, rotten food and the contents of chamber pots at them.

In 15 minutes, they entered the Yard of Tears and saw the execution platform. Diane began to cry and sob uncontrollably as she clung to her husband knowing that their time was short. The yard was filled with people of every class. Immediately next to the execution platform, a group of harlots had the best seats in the house which they had obtained by giving their services to the guards overnight. A group of nobles sat on the balconies waiting for the show.

Vendors were selling goods to the assembly and on the platform a pickpocket was screaming at the top of his voice as his hands were smashed with hammers after he tried to lift one too many wallets in the crowd.

The hurdle pulled up behind the execution platform and a guard pulled Diane to her feet. She cringed as she saw the implements of horror on the deck. There were two St. Andrews crosses which were placed horizontally with one end slightly lower that the other. A brazier was burning fiercely at one corner of the platform as coals were heaped by one of Jasper's assistants onto the burning starter wood. A table held many devices from branding irons to whips. And on each side of the platform were two large wagon wheels attached to vertical posts facing the crowd.

Diane began to fight, but she was no match for the guards. As her husband began to curse the guards, one kicked his broken leg which caused him to scream in pain and resulted in a rousing cheer from the crowd. Diane was brought to the front of the platform where the crowd began to jeer, laugh, and mock her. Then Jasper grabbed her garment and began to lift it up. Diane screamed and tried to keep herself covered, but the sack cloth dress was ripped from her body. The men in the crowd began to whistle and shout when they saw her large, but bruised breasts. Obscene statements were made about her shaven cunt and tight ass. Diane blushed and cried as one of the whores shouted back to the men, 'You won't admire her favors once the rippers taste her teats!' and the crowd roared in laughter at the statement.

One of Jaspers assistants grabbed Diane by her neck and dragged her over the cross. There she was placed with her head lower than her body and her arms outstretched on the wooden arms. Her wrists were fastened with leather straps and pieces of wood blocking were placed under her elbows and tied to the beam with leather bands. Blocks of wood were also placed under her shoulders. These few supports kept her limbs supported above the wooden beam so that her bones could be more easily broken at the proper time. A thick leather band was tied around her waist and made fast.

Then two of Jasper's assistants grabbed her legs and brought them back to her wrists. Diane screamed, more in shame than pain knowing full well that her private parts were exposed to the crowd. Seeing her cunt stretched wide open had all the men excited while the gentle ladies in the crown blushed in embarrassment.

Two of the guards jumped into the cart for Henry. He tried to fend them off with his fists, but a sharp kick to his broken leg caused him to gasp and shudder in pain. He cried out and cursed as he was carried onto the platform and brought to the front of the deck. With two guards supporting him, Jasper ripped his sack cloth covering leaving him naked before the jeering crowd. The gentle women in the crowd gasped seeing his large cock and made comments about his huge bullocks, which were really just very swollen from abuse. The harlots made lewd comments about his size when one called out to Jasper to make Henry display his full manhood.

With a sly smile, Jasper walked behind Henry and wrapped a rope around his neck and drew it tight. As Henry's throat was constricted, he fought as his lungs burned and the world began to spin. But the lack of oxygen also caused Henry to become erect and the crowd cried out in appreciation of the display. But all too soon it was over as Jasper was careful not to dispatch his prisoner by strangulation.

Henry was tied to the other cross face up in a head down position as was his wife next to him. His screams echoed through the plaza as his broken legs were drawn up towards his wrists and secured. The harlots took particular delight as his balls and cock, now dripping with a little clear discharge, were pointed directly towards their seats.

Jasper approached the front of the platform and began to read the writ of death, but the crown shouted him down and threw rotten fruit and vegetables at him and called for him to get on with the execution. Now seething with anger, Jasper approached the table and picked up the crushers.

The device was a work of art. It had two opposing concave spoons which could be closed with the turn of a handsomely engraved screw. In the middle of each spoon were two spikes about a half inch long. The testicle crushers were seldom used and when they were employed it was only on those prisoners who attempted to kill or overthrow the throne. Henry held the device over his head and walked around the front of the platform showing it to the howling crowd. Then Jasper approached Henry and held the device before his good eye as he opened the screw. Henry began to curse Jasper with the most foul words, but his burned and swollen tongue made his ranting unintelligible.

One of Jaspers assistants grabbed Henry's scrotum and isolated his left nut. The harlots pleaded with Jasper that they could handle his balls better, but with a wave of his arm he dismissed them to the laughter of the crowd. Henry only groaned slightly as the assistant executioner twisted his nuts into position. The Jasper placed the device and tightened it down so that the tips of the spikes just pierced the skin of Henry's sack. Then playing the crowd he waited until their calls for action became a roar before turning the screw one full revolution.

The points of the device sunk into Henry's scrotum and drove into his left testicle. Henry howled and bucked in his bonds to the cries of appreciation from the crowd. Just as Henry was beginning to recover, Jasper shook the device and twisted it around. The caused renewed cries of anguish from the prisoner. The men in the crowd now seemed to grimace a bit, but the women reveled in Henry's predicament.

Another turn of the screw drove the spikes fully into his ball and the spoons began to compress his testicle. Henry convulsed in pain and cried out like a wounded animal as Jasper again shook and twisted the crushers. A trickle of blood now flowed from Henry's scrotum and ran down between the crack of his parted ass.

The Jasper turned the screw another full revolution and compressed Henry's poor swollen testicle into a mass about three quarters of inch thick. A stream of pee flowed from Henry's cock and ran down his chest as the agony became unbearable. Diane cried out for mercy for her husband, but the roar of the crowd drowned out her pleas. Henry's remaining eye bulged from its socket and his face grew red. His breathing was like a dog panting and gasps and moans of agony were the only sounds that came from his throat.

Playing off of the crowd, Jasper turned the whole device one revolution around which twisted Henry's sack and damaged nut causing him to bellow like a wounded bull. As Henry made unintelligible cries, Jasper turned the screw one final revolution and brought the spoons of the device together and what remained of Henry's nut was not crushed to a space of less than one half inch. Henry's body convulsed in his bonds as dribbles of blood came from the tip of his member. As Jasper shook and twisted the device, Henry let out one terrible cry and fainted away from the pain.

As Jasper's assistants tried to revive Henry by pouring vinegar wine down his throat, the High Executioner turned his attention to Diane. Jasper was still seething that his mother had interceded on her behalf. Normally, it was Jasper who took the women to the hurdle and along the way took their favors in the false promise of a speedy death.

The High Executioner took the large pear off the table and slowly fondled it with his back to the crowd. Then, always the showman, he strutted to the front of the platform and held the device high over his head for all to see.

The pear came in three sizes and had several uses. The small pear was about four inches long and actually had the shape of a well rounded pear. A screw at the top of the device could be turned to expand the three sides at the base of the unit filling the cavity into which it was inserted. The small pear was used as a very effective gag and when fully expanded reached up to five inches in diameter, enough to break a mans jaw if desired.

The second sized pear was about 7 inches long and about 2.5 inches in diameter when closed. It expanded to almost 9 inches in diameter as was designed for anal insertion. This device was the common torment for male homosexuals.

The largest pear was about 10 inches long and a little over 3 inches in diameter when closed. When opened to its maximum size, it had a diameter of over 12 inches. This device was used for vaginal insertion and was the selection of Jasper for use on Diane.

As Jasper walked back and forth in front of the crowd on the platform, he screwed the horrible device open. The women in the crown shuddered at its sight while the men cheered Jasper on. When Jasper had the device opened to its maximum extension, he held in front of a harlots face who then stuck her tongue out and licked the instrument of terror. The crowd roared in approval as Jasper walked over to the cross and held the opened monster in front of Diane's face and leered at her while she trembled in fear.

Jasper closed the device and took his position between the upturned legs of Diane. Diane began to squirm the best she could in her bonds and plead for mercy offering anything she had to the High Executioner in return for a speedy death.

But Jasper just laughed at her comments and moved the tip of the device to her cunt where he rubbed it back and forth over her slit while the poor woman cried in terror. Then Jasper began to apply pressure to insert the device expecting great resistance from her childless cunt. But he cursed out loud as the device slowly entered Diane aided by the lard. While the lard made the insertion easier, it was not painless and Diane bucked her hips in a futile attempt to avoid the intruder. She felt stretched beyond capacity and it seemed as if she was being already torn open. Angry with the ease of passage, Jasper slammed the pear upward and drove the massive instrument directly against Diane's cervix as she screamed like a wild jackal in pain. Then Jasper began to move the device in and out of her, fucking her with the instrument of torture and watching her head shake from side to side while her body quivered in agony.

Then he slowly ran his hand down over her stomach until it came to rest on her clit, which he tweaked causing Diane to shiver as the pain ran through her body. His hand moved to the screw and he gave the device a full turn which began to open the leaves. The effect on Diane was hard for the crowd to judge. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth gaped in a silent scream. Slowly, her head moved from side to side in disbelief at the sensations she was experiencing. But all this changed as Jasper began to tug on the pear and began fucking her with the expanded device. Diane arched her back and screamed pleading for mercy as a slurping sound could be heard coming from her neither regions. Jasper pushed hard and the device slammed into her tender cervix which caused her to convulse in her bonds while a low groan rolled out of her throat.

Jasper then turned the screw one more revolution which opened the device to a little over 7 inches in diameter. Above her shaven cunt, a bulge could be seen from the expanded implement and Jasper placed his hand over the bulge and pressed down with the palm of his hand. This compressed Diane's ovaries against the metal intruder and almost drove her mad with pain. So great was her agony that she was able to break the leather strap on her right wrist and in an instant her right hand grabbed at her crotch in a feeble attempt to soothe her damaged privates. Quickly her hand was tied again with course rope, but the crowd when wild at the sight.

Again Jasper reached for the screw which resulted in Diane screaming at the top of her lungs, 'Noooooooo!' but it had no effect. Jasper gave the horrible device a full turn and Diane's legs convulsed in utter torment. Her screams resulted in her breasts jiggling which Jasper knew were next on the agenda of torment. The device was almost 10 inches in diameter and was so large that when Jasper tried moving the object in a fucking motion, even with the lubrication it tugged at her vagina and began to disturb the tender organ from its moorings.

As Jasper laughed, he turned the screw to its maximum setting. At once a stream of pee squirted from Diane's cunt as the pressure on her bladder became too much to contain. Her body shivered as if she were freezing cold while only an animal like groan came from her lips. Then Jasper braced his hand on her ass and began to pull. Diane's whole body convulse as her screams echoed throughout the plaza. Jasper pulled as hard as he could, but the device was too large to remove. He backed off the screw a turn and half and with the help of one of his assistants pulled the monstrous device from her cunt as if he were delivering a child from hell. Part of Diane's internal organs were visible as the device was pulled from her and remained visible sticking out her cunt. Blood flowed freely and Jasper fearing that the prisoner who was groaning agony would bleed to death ordered that a paddle iron be brought to him. The red hot two inch wide iron was placed over Diane's bloody parts as her whole body stiffened in pain. She screamed and again pissed uncontrollably which caused the iron to sizzle. As she fainted away, Jasper pushed her burnt parts back into her body with a rag to control the bleeding. Looking at the crowd, Jasper noted that several female onlookers had fainted and even several men were pale after witnessing the torment.

The anguished moans of Henry attracted Jaspers attention. Henry witnessed the brutal treatment of his wife tried to curse Jasper, but with his burnt tongue, his words were unintelligible. Jasper motioned to his assistant as he picked up the crusher and walked back between Henry's legs. As the assistant grabbed the prisoners scrotum, Henry screamed in agony and lost control of his bladder while urine splatters the assistant causing him to curse the condemned man. Henry's scrotum is so swollen that Jasper and his aide have a hard time finding the remaining testicle, but with the skill of the Chief Executioner, the crusher is soon attached and as the device is closed and the sharp points cut through his skin, Henry trembles and howls in pain while thrashing his head from side to side.

Jasper now shakes the crusher and while twisting it around and around the pain causes Henry to vomit and retch as his balls are destroyed. Slowly over a period of over 45 minutes, Jasper slowly turns the screw crushing Henry's remaining testicle. The former Earl's scrotum is now swollen to the size of a coconut and the skin is taught and shinny. Henry is nearly mad with pain and Jasper and his assistants take great pleasure in squeezing his damaged private parts and watching the pained reaction of their poor subject. But with his balls now reduced to mush, Jasper and his fiends now turn to other pleasures, but not before more stimulant is poured down Henry's throat causing him to gag and choke.

Jasper now goes to the table and picks up the Crocodile Pincers. This is a beautifully crafted device that was designed to burn off the penis of the poor victim. The long handles of the pincers end in a long tubular device crafted in the shape of a crocodiles gaping jaws. The metal is extra heavy so that it holds the heat of the brazier. Jasper takes the device and before placing it in the coals grabbs Henry's cock and twists it 360 degrees while pulling it nearly off of his body. While Henry cried out, he knew the pain he felt would be soon eclipsed when the device is heated and reapplied to his manhood. Jasper placed the pincers in the coals and ordered that more vinegar wine be forced down the throats of the two prisoners to be sure they were able to remain awake for the following torments. The pincers were now hot, but not to the point of glowing. Jasper wanted to inflict the most painful second degree burns rather than char the skin and destroy the nerve endings. As he moved towards his victim, one of Jasper's assistants began to choke Henry. Henry'struggled, but soon felt himself becoming faint, but his cock also grew as his oxygen supply was cut off. Before Henry passed out, the pressure was released from his neck and as he gasped for air, Jasper placed the mouth of the heated pincers over Henry's engorged penis and clamped them shut. Henry erupted in pain as the base of the pincers made perfect contact with the head of his cock. As the skin sizzled, Jasper turns the pincers back and forth before slowly pulling the device back. As the instrument is pulled, it removes the blistered skin leaving the exposed and bleeding flesh of the poor prisoners manhood.

With fresh skin exposed as the blistered flesh is removed, Jasper returns the pincers to the coals and reheats the instrument of terror. Four more times the process is repeated until there is little left of Henry's penis and what is left has had the nerve endings fully destroyed.

Diane was now awake and crying and moaning constantly. Jasper walked up next to her and grabbed both breasts and shook them violently as he askedthe crowd what should be done with them. Cries of 'The Rippers' come from all corners of the crowd. Henry motioned to his assistant who placed a pair of breast rippers in the brazier. The rippers have four sharp points, two on each side of an opposing hinge. While often used cold, heated they are a weapon of shear torment. Unwed mothers were often subjected to a bite of the rippers on a single milk laden tit in punishment of giving birth. Unfortunately, the male partner escaped any punishment for his participation as there was little evidence that could pinpoint his lewd participation.

Seeing the rippers in the brazier, the harlots up front became unusually quiet as their kind were often victims of the device and knew the agony they caused. As Jasper's assistants fanned the coals, the devices began to glow red, nearly white hot. Jasper put on a heavy leather glove to protect his hand from the searing heat and picked up the first ripper. He held the glowing device near the face of poor Diane to feel the heat. As Diane wailed in anticipation, she couldn't divert her eyes from Jasper's hand grasping her left breast mounding it up. Slowly, Jasper moved the rippers toward her breast as Diane begged for mercy. Then with a sudden lurch, Jasper sunk the glowing points into her tender tit flesh.

At once it appeared that Diane's breast grew in size as her tit filled with the burning steam created by the heated iron on moist flesh. Her voice bellowed as she screamed in horrible pain. One harlot fainted at the sight and another vomited as they imagined the agony that Diane was undergoing. Even the gentle women in the crowd unconsciously grabbed and cradled their own breasts sharing the terror of the punishment.

Jasper sharply twisted the device 180 degrees to the left and then the right before pulling it upward ripping it out of the horribly mutilated flesh. Diane cried, 'No....No....No....No....' in a never ending litany of agony as she peered at her shredded and bleeding breast.

As Jasper picked up the second heated ripper, a noble woman stormed up on the platform pushing past the guards who were shocked by her appearance. The noble lady looked sternly at Jasper as he stood holding the ripper and said, 'Enough you fiend!' Administer the writ of execution if you will, but in the name of sacred motherhood you will not touch this child's other teat with your hellish weapon unless you are willing to take mine first! With that, the noble woman ripped open her bodice and exposed her own breasts, which although they were smaller than Diane's were perfectly formed. Jasper stammered in utter shock.

He finally yelled at the guards to remove the guardian from the platform, but female voices throughout the crown shouted encouragement to the noble woman and began to storm the platform. One of the harlots tossed a flagon of wine at Jasper and as the liquid hit the glowing iron it hissed as it cooled.

Diane was sobbing softly crying out, 'May God bless your mercy.' Finally, as the noise of support for the noble woman rose and more objects were hurled toward the Chief Executioner, Jasper tossed the ripper towards the harlots and stormed off to the back of the platform. The noble woman covered herself and softly stroked Diane's tear stained check and whispered, 'May to you go quickly my dear,' and then turned and left the platform to the cheers of the females in attendance.

Embarrassed, Jasper screamed at his assistants who readied Diane and Henry for their final torments. Diane's legs were brought down and secured to the bottom of the cross. Pieces of wooden bracing were placed under her hips, knees and ankles to leave her limbs unsupported. As Henry's legs were positioned, he screamed in continual agony as his broken legs were rearranged and tied into position.

Then Jasper picked up a square iron bar about an inch thick and three feet long and waved it over his head. Walking up to the bottom of Henry's cross, he growled as he brought the bar crashing down on the victim's already broken shin. With a crack that was heard at the back of the plaza, Henry's lower leg was shattered through. Blood ran from the open fractures left by the blow and so great was the pain that Henry could only gasp and groan as it registered throughout his entire being.

Jasper then approached Diane and struck a similar blow on her slender left leg. Diane cried out in agony and lost control of her bowels as the pain racked her body. Then Jasper walked to the other side of Diane and struck a second blow which caused her to howl in agony as her face turned red and a sweat broke out over her whole body which made it glisten in the late afternoon sun. Jasper, still mad that his torment of the poor woman had been halted then grabbed her damaged breast with his bare hand and ripped a piece of torn flesh from her chest.

Diane rolled her head in agony as Jasper returned to her husband. Jasper raised the bar and struck Henry's right forearm and quickly followed up with a second blow to the poor man's upper arm. Both points were shattered and a large piece of bone protruded from the prisoners upper arm. Henry was going mad from the pain and had stopped screaming and was now mumbling to himself in a quiet voice. This infuriated Jasper who struck vicious blows to his other arm and in quick succession to his other broken leg and finally both thighs in a futile attempt to get the former Earl to cry out again in agony.

Jasper tired from his effort handed the bar to an assistant who proceeded to smash Diane's other lower leg. As the poor woman's left thigh was shattered, she cried and fainted to the pain. After attempts to revive the Lady failed, her remaining bones were smashed into tiny fragments.

Then as the sun was setting, the bonds that held the broken bodies of the two prisoners were untied. Henry for the first time in many minutes cried out as his shattered limbs were bent and tied to the upright wheel on the platform. The crown looked on in silence as his legs were twisted and tied behind his neck and his arms were woven in-between the spokes of the wheel. With his entire weight born on his broken limbs, Henry moaned in agony as his head swayed from side to side.

Attempts were continued for many minutes to revive Diane, but all were unsuccessful. Eventually she was tied to the wheel with her legs twisted to opposite sides of her body and secured to the spokes near her shoulders. Her arms were then braided between the spokes of the wheel which was then set in place. In this position, Diane's horrible tortured womanhood was spread open for display to the crowd. But one of the harlots took her scarf and in an act of compassion tied it over her privates to end the obscene display. The crowd tired and now sensing some guilt for enjoying the death of two human beings quietly shuffled from the plaza.

At about 10 p.m. a horrible cry shook the night as Diane awoke and felt horrible pain from every part of her being. After several minutes of her howls, which seemed to go on forever, a guard left to monitor the prisoners picked up the breaking bar and struck Diane twice across the chest caving in her ribs and rendering her unconscious once again. With her ribs shattered, Diane's breathing stopped and soon her face turned blue and she gave up the ghost.

Her husband mad with pain mumbled to himself on and off as he slowly bleed to death from his exposed fractures. He finally died about midnight and the guard slit his throat before he left the plaza to allow the birds and dogs take care of the remains.

The End.

Copyright Uthur 1996

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