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Пирс (к сожалению только английский вариант)

Автор: torturesru от 19-07-2011, 10:40

The Pier

'You were warned: the pier is closed for you. How many times were you warned?' The sound of the slap in the face and the voice of the man were comparatively loud, but the roar of the waves softened all the sounds. The lights of the car depicted the pier, water, a crying girl dressed in mini, fishnet and a blouse, hardly concealing her large tits, and also two stout guys. One of them hit her again. She burst into tears, her chap make-up ran down her face together with tears. 

'So, Elvira, or Whatever-Your-Name-Is, we've forgiven you two admissions, but this time you're dead.'

One of the men ordered the other one put the screaming girl on his shoulder and went in the sea, paying no attention to the waves. Fashionable stilettos slipped down from the girl's feet. The other man walked along the pier and in a couple of yards found a thin, slightly rusty chain, one side of it hanging into the water. Once a boat was fastened to it. He caught it and waved to the other guy; the latter came up, knee-deep in the water, and handed him the lovely butt of the wriggling and screaming girl. The man at the pier slapped Elvira loudly and told his mate to come up closer.

"Do it quicker," said the mate. "This bitch has kicked my belly up and down."

The other man took Elvira by the hair of her head and fastened a double noose on it, then he entwined the free end of the chain with its other end, and finally secured it to a metal ring in the pier. 

"Let her go!" he ordered.

"Sure. Just a second," said the other man. A big piece of dirt plastic was floating in the waves near him. The guy caught it and drew nearer. Elvira seemed to have lost her voice and was only wheezing. The chain clanked when the guy put Elvira on the plastic.

The two men were standing on the shore and watched the girl. At first she clutched the chain, but then spread her arms, trying to keep the fine balance of the rough, dangerous plastic.

The tide waves grew bigger. The holder of Elvira raised (so that the freeing chain clanked) and then lowered, and so the chain raised the girl's chin, making marks on her skin. During the falls, her legs stretched out, and her toes, looking through the holes in her tights, wiggled, trying to catch the plastic.

The guy that had been in water shivered and asked:

"Is she cold I wonder?"

The other one looked at her tits, quite evident under her wet and transparent blouse, and said:

"I don't think so. Look how she jumps."

The wind that was leading waves to the shore tried to steal the plastic away from under Elvira's feet. And suddenly a huge wave raised her so that her legs bent. So she froze in the surfing pose, with spread arms. The wave passed, and the girl's body fell down, just to miss the plastic... In the lowest point her right foot touched it, but it turned over and floated away from the hanged girl.

Her hands leapt to the chain, clutched the rusty links that were plunging in her flesh, and squeezing harsh sounds from her throat. The chain clanked no more, and the sound of the waves was joined only by the slight squeak: the chain with the girl was rocking to and fro. Elvira kicked her legs with all her might, making loads of splashes, that were shining in the headlight. Her breast became even more evident under her blouse which clang to her body. Her face. On the contrary, was growing darker, dissolving in the darkness around it.

"Look, her tongue! Hey... does she hurt now?"

"I dunno - go try it yourself motherfucker."

The other guy glanced at his wet trousers, which showed his excitement, and, looking at his friend, noticed the same reaction. Then his eyes returned to the dying girl. Her goggled eyes and teeth remained the only clear spots on her purple twisted face. Her stuck out tongue was hanging aside. Her legs went on moving and making splashes. Her hands fell from the chain and clenched into fists, trembling, which added to the agony mess. The two guys from the shore were watching her small figure, wriggling in the headlight on the old pier. Her motions grew slower, as if the air around her was getting denser. Her hands hanged, relaxing slowly, her legs trembled in the seawater. 

"What d'ya think, Nick, has she wet herself?" one asked again.

"Go feel her legs, if they are warm, then she has... She probably has, all the hanged wet themselves."

The waves were moving the relaxed body, rocking it. Her legs were rocking listlessly and lifelessly, her hands were rocking near her hips. Like a gibe, the plastic floated to her feet and was rocking near them, scratching the dead skin.

"Oh shit, what a hard-on from her," Nick finally tore his eyes away from the hanged girl. "Let's go to Mila, why should it be wasted."

"Shall we get her?"

"Cops will, it's their job."

"Listen, the curly brunette broke the territory border twice, shall we make the third warning?"

"Get in the car, we'll talk it over."

Throwing around the sand, the car turned around and the darkness concealed the rocking body.

Original Author: Carnivore Rodent (1999).
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